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    If we talk about bases, we have to talk about him, the great Stephen Curry, the fact that Kevin Durant is in the Warriors has turned a few spots off, but if we talk about his basketball shoes, this year we have received the best the date. The Curry 4 are, without a doubt the lightest model of the market, its best quality.


    For their manufacture, they have chosen to use a very light cushioning, that is, we will be very in contact with the ground. This apart from reducing weight, improves stability, because we will be very in connection with the field. On the other hand, even though they look like the high cane, the mesh of the ankle is very flexible, and they have used the Knit fabric to give it total freedom of movement.


    After a summer marked by the supposed 'motorbike' of Cancellara, the NBA has announced the prohibition of a pair of shoes designed to improve the vertical jump of the players. These sports, under the name of Concept 1's, did something as unusual as fulfilling what they promised.


    Armed with a technology called 'Load' n 'Launch' ('Load and Take Off'), they have a small spring on the front of the sole that works like a trampoline: the more force applied to it, the greater momentum player. In total, about 10 centimeters of vertical jump, a very estimable help when playing basketball is about.


    Such is its effect that the NBA has decided to eliminate them from their courts. In this way, the North American league turned the Concept 1's into the first shoes of history that are forbidden for violating the regulation referring to the "unfair competitive advantage."


    "The league regulates the footwear that their players can wear during an NBA game, and according to the rules of the league, players will not be able to wear any shoe that creates an undue competitive advantage (for example, increasing the vertical jump)." Under this announcement was announced the veto of some shoes that, paradoxically, have found there their best form of advertising.


    So much so that the official website of the company, Athletic Propulsion Labs, is chaired by shoes and crossed out by a red stamp that reads: "Prohibited by the NBA." "The products that appear on this website are designed to improve sports performance, and the NBA has banned APL shoes for the 2010-11 season." Quite a blessing, although the price of $ 300 per pair can serve as a counterweight.


    The creators of the invention are two young twin brothers, Ryan and Adam Goldston. Both became part of the basketball team at the University of Southern California (where OJ Mayo was formed, among others), but more important is their kinship: they are children of Mark Goldston, a man with much to say in the world of footwear.

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    His signature came out slippers that marked a milestone in his time as the LA Gear (announced by Michael Jackson) or the legendary Reebok Pump, another tool for jumping that popularized air artists in the nineties as Dominique Wilkins or, above all, Dee Brown , who wore some when in 1991 he was proclaimed champion of the All-Star Mates Contest, covering his eyes with his forearm.


    It is not the first time that the NBA prohibits shoes. It happened in 1985 when he vetoed the first edition of the mythical Air Jordan for not respecting the league's dress code: they had to wear the colors of the Bulls. Then, as now, the performance of the association became an unbeatable advertising claim for the brand.


    The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 basketball shoes feature the latest innovations in Nike cushioning for a sport as demanding as basketball, these advanced basketball shoes have an ultra-reactive Nike React foam designed to play better and longer so that They are suitable for any player and in any position in the field.


    This elastic foam used by the Oregon brand in this model is the Nike React, an ultralight and durable cushioning that provides a feeling of softness and comfort that helps you keep your feet comfortable until the end of training or match.

    The KD 10 provide us with personalized and tailored support; they have a cushioning of maximum response and versatility of one of the best players in the world, the Warriors forward, Kevin Durant.


    The Flyknit fabric gives the shoes different areas of breathability, elasticity, and support to offer excellent comfort and as if you were wearing a neoprene sock that fits the shape of your foot.


    Large cords wrap around the sides of the foot to provide a more comfortable hold. The Nike Zoom Air technology provides maximum response cushioning and allows the foot to flex in a much more natural way. The zoom is thicker in the heel area to soften the landings after a basket entry, a rebound or a dunk.


    The Adidas Dame 4 basketball shoe features the BOUNCE cushioning technology that provides a significant boost in jumps and starts as well as providing a more comfortable footprint helping you to focus on your game and forget about basketball shoes.


    The upper part has the new FUSEDMESH fabric, a very light and seamless fabric designed by Adidas to have support areas and elastic zones for a total adaptation to the natural movement of the foot. A spectacular colorway that reminds us of the skin of a chameleon.